Automation, Application development in Excel, Excel VBA programming, Excel Macro programming
We offer automation and application development in Microsoft Excel

We can help you free up capacity within your organization with automation and VBA Programming in Microsoft Excel.

What processes do we work with?

Often a company’s systems are not adequately designed to meet changing business requirements. We can provide the bridge between your present state and more efficient processes using powerful tools like Visual Basic (VBA) and the powerful features of Microsoft Excel.

We offer flexible application design so if your processes change, it is simple to configure the Excel-based automation to change with you. Our solutions require modest resources compared to ERP implementation or ERP tailoring, while productivity gain is immediate after implementation. And, of course, we do not cause disruption in the business operation during implementation.

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What areas can we help with?

Ineffective processes vary in size and complexity. It can often mean creating regular analysis from fragmented raw data which requires manual clean-up. Often more complex procedures are inefficient like creating quotations with complex budgeting algorithms, hundreds or even thousands of products and format settings. Or a HR new-hire administration process where all paper-based documents are filled in manually one-by-one.

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How do we ensure your success?

We place a lot of emphasis on the safety of your processes and data. We fully comply with GDPR and prior to receiving any data from you, we sign a Data Protection and Confidentiality Agreement with an EU-compatible electronic signature. We plan each our projects with attention to detail. Understanding the present-day processes and designing the correct deliverable is a key to our success.

After processes are mapped and future state design is documented and agreed, we begin the development. Working with frequent checkpoints we enable our clients to give feedback on the progress of the build and so initiate amended functionality to the solution. We provide end-to-end service from design to deployment as well as ongoing maintenance.

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Major clients of Excel1 Ltd.:

Feedback from our customers

“We worked together with Excel1 Ltd. in creating the client facing data input application for our salary and benefit benchmarking application at SmartScale Ltd. Our expectation was to create a system that is not only logical and easy to use but also automatically carries out the initial statistical data validation algorithms which helps to prevent erroneous data entry and upload. To enable this, László had to program a comprehensive data model, which he delivered not only in a truly creative way but also efficiently. It was great to work together with a person who is not only proficient in his area of expertise but also understood our requirements to the best and helped our work with tailored solutions and recommendations.” – Iris Kassim, Managing Director, SmartScale Ltd. & Society of Management Innovators

“We worked together with László Varga from Excel1 Ltd. on the development of our quotation automation process. We had a former version of the application from ages ago, but it was slow, unreliable and missing quite a few functionalities which we wanted to have. The new application was delivered within the deadline and with meeting all our expectations. Throughout the whole project we could count on László Varga’s expertise and support, he was always available for our questions and asks, and proactively aided the development process with propositions and recommendations. It was great pleasure working together with someone who always arrives on time, who shares the language we speak and who pays attention to the project documentation, too. We strongly recommend him for future projects.” – András Neményi, CEO, A.MeCoD Inc.

“Working with László Varga was very easy, he quickly understood my needs related to the reporting system we developed, and he also quickly managed to translate those requirements into the language of functions and formulae. It’s been my long-awaited dream to have a comprehensive, yet visual report that has all the required metrics and requires only little effort to have it refreshed from week to week. It is a very scarce combination that someone can deliver very complex development requirements and in parallel he can make the client understand the logic behind the functions and formulae.”Ildikó Jankovich, Managing Director, Heinemann Duty Free

We managed to reduce a nearly 8-hour long, monthly process to practically a 5-minute process with the support of László Varga. Not only that we automated that process, but we also learned several tools, so from now on we can develop further automation on our own in Microsoft Excel” – Katalin Nagy, Accountant, Wärtsilä Hungary Ltd.

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Training in MS Excel

We deliver high quality classroom or remote training from beginner level to advanced programming.

Automation, Application development in Excel, Excel VBA programming, Excel Macro programming

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