What happens when you contact us?

We can contact you directly by telephone or via email if you prefer.

During this initial discussion we will listen to your inquiry and will explore how we can best contribute to your business’ success.

Once we have an outline of your requirements, our Development Team evaluates the details and one of our developers is assigned to the project.

Responsible for client relationship, it will be Laszlo Varga, founder of Excel1. Ltd who answers your queries. He will be your single point of contact right through understanding your needs, planning and delivery, until implementation, maintenance and beyond.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

Providing you with a quote will often make it necessary that you share company data with us. Your data security is essential to our business. We handle your data confidentially and in line with the GDPR (EU regulation 2016/679).

To comply with confidential data management, before you share any data with us we sign a Data Protection and Confidentiality Agreement. Our electronic signature is created with an authenticated key stored physically on a chip card and it is compliant with the European eIDAS regulation’ (EU Regulation 910/2014) highest standards.

To ensure proper taxation we will ask for your company’s Vies VAT number to validate your company’s status.

Excel1 Ltd’s Vies VAT number is HU25150418 and it is registered in Hungary with 01-09-202761 registration number.

Screen sharing option

For better understanding of your requirements we also offer the option of sharing our screens. This way you can explain easily what you would like to achieve and we can follow it real time as you demonstrate it on your own screen.

We use an application called TeamViewer for the screen sharing. TeamViewer has been on the market since 2005 with 200 million users; you may read more information on TeamViewer here and here. If you decide it is a useful way of sharing your requirements we will support you on how you can use this software.

Creating written project summary and quotation

Once we understand your requirements we create a written summary and provide it along with the quotation. This will include:

  • Purpose of the project
  • Stakeholders’ details and contacts
  • Benefit assessment
  • Detailed description of the development
  • Timeline of development, testing and implementation
  • Price of the development
  • References


Upon accepting our quote, we send you our contract with the project summary attached as an annex. Once both parties’ signature is on the contract we start the development.

Development & testing

During the development of your solution we carry out regular checkpoints. For larger projects we also carry out status updates every 2 or 3 weeks. For smaller projects we can present updates more frequently. Of course, we may reach out to you with questions during the development stage.

Once we have the program in beta phase we share the code with you for testing. We provide you details of the testing needs and we may also assist you through the screen sharing facility.

Implementation and guarantees

Once we both agree that the application is ready, we support the roll-out with remote training.

Further to the development and implementation we provide an extensive guarantee package which ensures that for 1 year we fix any issues which may arise in the standard and agreed functionality within the boundaries of the agreed working environment.

Contact us, and we will help you operate more efficiently so you can focus more resources on the tasks that you really excel at.

We are ready to do it, now.

Call us at +44 7340 472260 or write an e-mail to info@excel1.co.uk

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