My name is László Varga, I founded Excel1 Ltd. in 2015

I have been working on Excel-based automation, developments and teaching the efficient usage of Microsoft Excel for the past 15 years to multinational corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, university students and my fellow colleagues.

I am convinced that instead of using manual processes, we should outsource more and more tasks to automation, letting the computer do the heavy lifting for us. The more steps we delegate, the more we can use our intellect and perform value-added tasks during our work.

My background is process management, automation and productivity improvements. I spent 12 years with multinational companies (IBM, Acelity), which helped me understand how large organizations work and how corporations manage their processes. As a Lean and Six Sigma expert I took a significant part in improving and transitioning many back-office processes especially in the Finance, Administration and HR area.

In 2014 I found the courage to start what I always loved: be an Excel evangelist and using my process improvement background help companies automate their processes. Starting out in 2015 on my own, now with a team of developers we support businesses with our expertise so that they can do more of what they really excel at.

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Automation, Application development in Excel, Excel VBA programming, Excel Macro programming

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