When something happens by itself which was previously tedious work…”

I will never forget the moment when I first saw how an Excel macro runs. It was in 2005 at IBM and back then I lacked any programming experience whatsoever. I heard that one can record a series of steps in Excel and the program will redo the steps whenever it is needed. I created my first recording and when I watched the playback I did not believe what I saw on the screen. I reran the program again and again and was mesmerized of the flickering screen as all the steps were executed automatically at an amazing speed.

My IBM T41 Thinkpad’s fan turned on and the whole thing was making a strange, low volume chirping voice like all those bits and bytes were rushing and running around in the processor at an unimaginable speed. I was a bit afraid that I was doing something wrong to a company asset, but of course nothing like that was happening. That was the moment which opened up a whole new world of possibilities beyond all the standard built-in Excel functions and started me on the journey of VBA programming.

Ever since Excel has been there for me as a tool of productivity, help others automate their processes and teach them how to get the most out of it. I just felt the whole idea of Excel was so bright and powerful, right from the basic functions and referenceability, through the macros and the automation, and of course, the results:

saving what humanity has always been working on to save: precious time

I have always been passionate about doing things better, saving time, sharing what I have learnt with others. Something that is eating up your valuable time day-by-day and it can be in the reach of a click at your fingertips…when I come across a process like this, I just want to fix it. Find the way to make it happen. Automate. That which was dull toil completed in minutes. That is what gives me satisfaction. And that is what our team want to share with you now. Automating your processes in Excel with VBA programming. Give your team more capacity. Assign different, more sophisticated tasks to them. Help them grow. We enable you to do it. We are ready to start it today.

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